Design Within has created an intimate online group opportunity for you to connect and grow. 

Apply for our upcoming 10-session, one and a half hour, weekly online Mentor Circles and surround yourself with a framework to pro-actively make a plan for your future. 

Design Your Own Path is a curriculum to support anyone desiring to get back to work, make a career change, take that first step on the career ladder or design the next chapter of their life.

Our 10-session Mentor Circle program provides a confidential environment facilitating discussion amongst participants to mentor and encourage one another, share experiences, propose solutions, and network. Design Within coaches will lead each session and provide the necessary structure to progress towards your goal.

Who can benefit from Mentor Circles?

Our participants have diverse backgrounds. They are individuals who moved abroad following the career of their spouse/partner, parents wishing to get back to work after parental leave, graduates stepping on the career ladder, professionals in need of a career change, or getting back to work after illness or loss of job.

They are at all stages of their career and life experience: working in corporate companies or non-profit organizations, running their own businesses, trying to launch their own brands, in between jobs, stay at home mothers or fathers, men or women who don’t want children, individuals who are trying to figure out what’s next and how to get there.

Our participants are striving to define and create their own version of fulfillment, and live life on their own terms.

The Design Your Own Path Mentor Circles curriculum:

SESSION 1: Your Vision and Work-Life Balance

SESSION 2: What's Important to You and Your Future  

SESSION 3: Strength Analysis & Development Opportunities

SESSION 4: What Job fits with your Values, Life-Purpose, Dream and Competencies?

SESSION 5: Market Analysis: What’s Possible here and now? Networking

SESSION 6: Market Yourself: the Perfect Resume

SESSION 7: Market Yourself: LinkedIn and other Social Media

SESSION 8: Market Yourself: In Person

SESSION 9: Self Confidence

SESSION 10: Moving from thinking to doing: Action Plan and Commitment


Please Contact Us for more information and to sign up or join our newsletter for upcoming dates!

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

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